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Behind the scenes of a Luxury Real Estate Shoot

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

I started doing Real Estate videos more than 2 years ago. What's funny is that my very first shoot was a free video I did for a friend of mine. I needed a showreel in order to pretend entering the market. All I had at the time was a Gopro Hero 4, a Feiyu Tech handheld gimbal, and a Dji Phantom 2 (my first drone). I quickly put everything together and uploaded the video on my Vimeo channel.

Somehow the video buzzed within the industry (the property was amazing you must admit) and I started receiving phone calls and emails for people who wanted their own Real Estate videos.

I understood that if I wanted to keep up with the demand and offer quality videos, I had to invest just a bit more in my gear. I bought a Ronin mx gimbal that I still own and probably my best investment ever.

It then became intense, I quickly was producing videos on a daily basis, and got the opportunity to film some really impressive properties.

You can have a look here of a behind the scenes of a Luxury Real Estate shoot on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Watch the end result HERE and see more Property Videos.

Enquire now for yours.

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