These are the cameras I shoot with for work and personal projects.

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RED DSMC2 Gemini S35

My cinema A camera, records up to 120fps @5K and dual iso for low light action.


The latest addition to the arsenal, this little beast uses a global shutter, can shoot 6K and leverage the power of R3D raw format. 


My main camera, 4K videos and epic for photos

link here

Sony A6500

My B camera, 4K videos, so lightweight

link here

My lenses:

My Sony wide angle:

My Sony go to lens:

Cheapest lens I love:

My Red go to lens Canon 24-70: 

My Red tele lens Canon 70-200:

Peter Mckinnon ND filter I use:

My action cameras:

Gopro 8 action cam:

Gopro Max 360 camera:


My drones:

Mavic Air 2 (perfect for travels):

Still my favorite Phantom drone:

My Gimbal:

Ronin S:

My Studio equipment:

Main studio light:

My microphones:

My go to shotgun mic:

Great wireless microphones:

My studio mic Rode NTG3:

My editing station:

MPB 16:

Always with me Portable SSD: